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Remote Energy Clearings

Get ready for a major shift

I offer remote energy clearings via telephone that utilize advanced methods of long-distance energy work to tune into exactly the issues that need healing in your psyche.

Before you book a clearing session, please practice all six parts of the Self-Clearing System, Level 1 two times and apply the energy clearing techniques to yourself. This will give you a solid foundation for an energy clearing session.

I now also have as a prerequisite that you practice Level 2 of the Self-Clearing System before booking your clearing sessions. This will deepen your understanding of multi-dimensional energy work and allow us to clear very deep energetic layers during your sessions.

Important: Due to exceedingly high demand, I cannot take on any new clients at this time. However, as an alternative to session work, I have created Self-Clearing System Level 2 and the Level 3 Seminars. Level 2 is equavalent to one session, and Level 3 is equalavent to EIGHT sessions, for far less monetary investment than 8 one-on-one sessions would cost.

In these sessions we are working with your energy field, psyche, and sphere of consciousness, so there is no need to be “hands on” for a session. I work directly with your Higher Self / Divine Inner Self during the session to rapidly clear out and transmute energetic blockages and shift your energy into a state of greater divine alignment, freedom and sovereignty.

The initial session covers many areas of clearing that include, but aren't limited to: clearing stuck emotions from childhood traumas, clearing blockages to allowing your Higher Self to integrate into your physical body, opening your ability to integrate your higher dimensional mind with your physical mind, and much more. Many people experience a profound shift after their first session, although in most cases I recommended starting with two sessions with a four to six week integration in between.

Advanced sessions allow us to transmute much deeper layers of unconsciously held emotional blockages, and we can focus on any issues that you want to address.

During your session, you will need to be in a quiet place where you can be relaxed and undisturbed for at least an hour and focus on the session.  While the details of each session’s energy shifts will depend entirely on you, we will use dialogue, gentle questions and your open feedback, while relying mainly on the information given by your Higher Self to clear as much as possible in each session.
As we talk during phone sessions, I will be monitoring your sphere of consciousness, which contains your light body, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies, along with all the energies that we pick up throughout our lifetimes.  When an area of significant energy blockage is detected, I will work with you to transmute them and reclaim your energy from the issue(s).  We will also be building new energetic crystalline matrices of light within your sphere of consciousness so that you attract exactly what you need in life to propel you forward.

During energy clearing sessions, your Divine Inner Self / Higher Self is in charge of what is addressed and how much work is done. This makes sure that we get to the most important issues that need to be healed in your psyche at this time, and that the most amount of clearing work possible is done on you at any given time. These are extremely powerful energy clearings, and the beneficial effects of one session takes up to a month to fully integrate.

Results of these sessions ripple out like waves into your life. Many people report major shifts for the better in healing problematic relationships, opening to greater abundance, deleting limiting thought patterns, getting beyond the ego, dissolving fears, an expanded sphere of consciousness, fewer pathways for low vibration energies to enter one's field, strengthening sovereign awareness, and much more. 

I will call you via my computer and record the session, then afterwards upload an MP3 to a private link that only you know about, so that you can review the session and go deeper with reclaiming your energy and power from what was addressed in each session. 

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