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I was born in the 70s to American parents who practiced Buddhism. My parents were (and still are) very open minded, loving people who gave me the best possible start in consciousness that I could have ever asked for.

While I enjoyed growing up with Buddhist philosophies, some of which I still maintain, I do not perform the specific rituals associated with their style of Buddhism. (I'm just not into ritual...except for brushing my teeth and eating daily.)

In second grade I realized I was from another reality, simply dreaming a dream in this world that I would one day wake up from. Shortly afterwards I had my first lucid dream of being back home in a world of indescribable beauty, a world where everyone and everything emanated pure, gentle divine light.

In this world, everyone knew everything about each other. There was nothing hidden, no secrets, and it wasn't weird at all. It was just how it was, and it felt wonderful. The knowledge that this amazing transcendental existence was my true home sustained me through the many challenges I experienced in this incarnation.

As an only child in a city environment that I found somewhat boring, I went inward and experimented with intuitive forms of meditation and Yoga. I quickly learned that my consciousness was much more than my childhood identity or body.

I was always curious about reality beyond the physical world, asking questions like, “What are other dimensions like? What happens in between death and when you reincarnate?” Nobody had any satisfactory answers for my questions at the time.

The curiosity faded as I entered high school, playing out various teenage dramas of unconscious behavior. The teenage years ended with several self-created adversities that propelled me back into contemplation about the deeper aspects of life.

At 20 I re-realized that “Life is all about Love” and set about finding a way to fully live that realization without much success at first. I started consuming spiritually focused books, and some of them sparked deeper insights, but I was not satisfied with what was essentially "head knowledge."

At 21 I dove into Kundalini Yoga and by 22 I began consciously doing energy clearing on myself based on various books I had read, adapting the methods to my own style, instinct and interpretation of energy. I soon began seeing the cosmic flush while in meditation, although I didn’t understand what it meant at first.* During this time I began to truly understand that I would always be able to rely on my Higher Self for guidance and knowledge.

I eventually partnered with an experienced energy worker, doing remote energy clearings full time for about 3 years. In 2001 I stepped away from doing energy work on clients in order to focus on my own evolution, although I continued doing energy work on myself, my family and close friends.

During those years out of the public view, I continued studying various esoteric teachings, learning more about how our subconscious beliefs affect our human incarnational experiences, and finding answers to many of my childhood questions pertaining to reincarnation and other densities of reality. I studied gnostocism, quantum physics, human potential, the shadow self, and much more as I plumbed the depths of my own potential, cast off illusory limitations and learned to simply allow life to unfold at its own pace.

In mid-2007 I began to get subtle messages from my Higher Self that I should do energy work again. I finally started listening in 2008 when I was very simply told by my Higher Self “You have a gift, share it.” This website is my endeavor to directly share my self-clearing knowledge with everyone who is interested, and to offer personalized, one on one energy clearing sessions to directly help more people to embody their own true, Divine Inner/Higher Self.

My hope is that the art, thoughts and techniques shared on this site can help you shift yourself to a higher frequency of thought, thus embodying an Ascended consciousness.

In Love & Service,
Cameron Day

* Although I have grown to know the Cosmic Flush quite well, its unlimited potential always reminds me that the more I learn, the more there is to know.


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