Energy Refund
Self-Clearing System Level 1, Step 3

How to clear your energy field of harmful external projections

First, engage the Cosmic Flush. If you haven’t practiced the Cosmic Flush technique, please click here to go there now.

If you would like to hear this process instead of reading it, use the youtube player below. When listening to the audio, you should be in a safe, relaxed space where you can close your eyes and be undisturbed for 10 minutes.*

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Once you are in the space of the Cosmic Flush, ask your God Self and the Galaxy Being to send any harmful, un-loving projections back to the God Self of the sender. Pause for a moment, and ask your God Self to bring back all of your OWN harmful, un-loving projections that you have sent out so that you can address them in time as your God Mind sees fit.

This process may take some time, so it is important that you stay focused on the NOW and don’t allow your ego mind to analyze who is sending you harmful projections, or even what is being projected onto you. Ego analysis will invariably lead to an ego judgment of the energy present. Instead, keep your state of present moment awareness, simply acknowledge that the energy is present and focus on your God Self sending the energies back to the God Self of the sender.

A helpful mantra to use if you want is: “What’s yours is yours, what’s mine is mine.” Remember to stay in a neutral state of mind. Judgment, anger, resentment, victimization or any other non-loving emotion will slow down or halt the process.

If you feel that there are external energies “stuck” in your energy field, ask the Galaxy Being to deliver transmutational holograms to free up any stuck energies so that your God Self can give that energy back to the God Self of the sender. The Galaxy Being is extremely efficient at hologram delivery, so allow it to do the work so that you don’t get bogged down in details.

It is of the utmost importance that you ask your God Self to return these un-loving projections to the God Self of the sender. If you know somebody is sending you harmful or unloving thoughts and you send their energy back to them from your ego level, you will perpetuate a battle of ego wills that will only escalate to the point where you and the other person are psychically attacking the other. This is counter-productive to our goals of clearing our energy fields. When you allow your God Self to return the energies back to the God Self of the sender, the “transaction” takes place at a level beyond ego duality, beyond drama and struggle.

The reason you will want to bring back your own projections is simple: Everyone has a vast amount of energy tied up in judging others, condemning events, resisting the way things are in this moment, etc. When you ask your God Self to bring this energy back, you are tapping into a metaphorical gold mine of your own energy.

Not all of this energy will be immediately available, but by disengaging your own unloving projections and disentangling from the harmful projections of others, you put yourself in a state of inner peace and clarity that will serve you in clearing your energy field of unresolved issues from this life and other lives as well. Before we start that process together, there is the small matter of minimizing the ego’s involvement in these processes, and in your life in general. Click here to continue.

*(If you would like to download an mp3 version of this audio, right click this link and choose the "save" option in the menu.)

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