I have been really amazed by this healing. During the day of my session, I noticed I was having a very peaceful day and that I was feeling calmer and calmer and more and more peaceful. When I stopped to buy food on the way home, I really was in an altered state.  I had a lot of little chores to complete before I could check my email, but I was so patient and then read your incredible report. Everything you wrote was so exactly on target and things I have been struggling with - especially recently.  
I'm so glad you send an email to read and read again and I plan to go out and find some good salt and Spirulina and take the advice on diet on the web sites you gave me.

I can't thank you enough for all that you do. Your work is truly phenomenal. I have done a lot of self work in the past, but nothing that compares with this. And in the past, after working with a teacher or mentor, I usually felt compelled to learn how to do it myself. Your work, though, is so far beyond anything I have experienced, I can't yet comprehend doing what you do. Yet.... :-) And I really look forward to more.
Pam, Oregon

How I love the feeling of peace and my new OPEN heart center - it was SO blocked and now it is so full of light.  I'm addicted to the peace and it is going to see me through the holidays which have always been difficult for me.  But I am keeping my heart open (feels so great) and listening to your voice on your radio shows.  Finally, a way home.
Susan, Virginia

"Thank you so much for this session and email.  I woke up this morning feeling lighter and with a new energy to make changes in my life!  I am releasing beliefs and behaviours, and choosing to be fluid and to grow with the flow of life.

Thank you for your support and assistance in my journey in life."
Elizabeth, Australia

"Thank you so much for the energy work you did for me. There have already been MAJOR shifts, most notably in the relationship with my Mother. I have been feeling much more grounded and stronger when dealing with people. I feel calmer and safer than I have in years and years.  I feel like so much trauma and fear are finally releasing.  Now I "remember" or am getting in touch with the love that was inside of me.

I feel stronger, no matter what people do around me, I am truly not being pulled into it on an emotional level.  I have been able to steer around the negativity of others and not react.  I am beginning to really integrate the understanding that all opposition increases polarity, even when it is opposition to what we think is harmful to others.  This understanding is really becoming part of me, and it is enabling me to navigate without being pulled in."
Susan, New York

"Thank you for all your help! Your report was fascinating to read.  It has made a real difference in the way that I am living my life. I am a big fan of your meditation regime as well.."
Christian, New England

I've done 2 remote sessions with Cameron and I've listened to several of his radio shows and they've been incredible for me. They validate, add to, open & comfort...all great stuff! He offers so much freely on his website including The Self Clearing System which is wonderful, and I particularly enjoy the soothing sound of his voice. He's also created these great "Cosmic Flush" light beam images that are just beautiful which he also shares freely. Finally you've got to love the website hug he offers! Check it out in his bio, you'll be smiling.

Thanks for everything Cameron. In a short time you've become a powerful force for light in my life & I appreciate it very much.
Terry, NJ

"Thanks again for the energy work you did for me. I started to notice right away that I felt more clear-headed and in control.  I noticed several times over the first few days that my mind would start to run habitual thought patterns, for example if something ticked me off I would have the same 'ol thoughts etc., but they no longer had an emotional fix for me which is great.  Those patterns have just started to fall away and some things that used to really bug me don't anymore. 

I've also noticed that I don't feel as blocked as I was feeling, and have become much more efficient and not such a procrastinator.   My mind feels stronger and I'm feeling closer with myself and more hopeful and excited for my dreams.  I know that I still have a long way to go, but I feel like I've been given a piece of myself back."
Rebecca, Washington State

"About 10 years ago I went from Florida all the way out to Washington State to learn healing methods from Cameron, who I had heard about on the internet. Not only did he teach me valuable lessons in healing, but he also did some excellent healing sessions on me as well. I am forever grateful for his kindness and compassion, and for all that I have learned from him. Since my visit to Washington State, I have continued to apply the methods learned from Cameron. He has my deepest and enduring gratitude."
Sue Potter, Alabama

"Wow!! I have had an amazing month since the session...I feel terrific! I let go of a bunch of drama at my old job and I got a higher paying job, too! I feel like I can focus and learn better. Best of all, I realized that nothing was wrong with my life except for the thoughts I was thinking. Thank you so much!"
Toni, Washington State

(This is a testimonial about the self-clearing system on AscensionHelp.com)
"Once I reached the Cosmic Flush things got intense. First I noticed some intense eye movements and got emotional once you started addressing the higher self. Half way though I noticed this intense “wind” racing down my spine, coming from the neck or back of the head! It felt at least as wide as my neck or more, a good 10 cm for sure!

I did all the videos through part 1 of reclaiming energy, which obviously is a long time after not doing any meditation at all, yet it felt like 5 min. I thanked my higher self, but to be honest I think it's thanking me for not shutting it out so much anymore. Obviously the one we both would like to thank is you! :-) "
Maaike, The Netherlands

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