Frequently Asked Questions

How are these sessions done? 
These sessions are done remotely via telephone, which means that I “tune in” to you wherever in the world you are.  Using advanced techniques for energy transmutation, I work with your Higher Self to clear as much in one session as possible.  After the session, I send you a recording of the session.

Do remote clearing sessions balance the chakras?
Short answer, yes.  :-)  The remote clearing sessions do a lot more than balance your chakras, but that is definitely one of their benefits. 

What can I expect from a session?
These energy clearing sessions give you an energetic "turbo boost" to accelerate you on your path back home to your True Self.  Once you have done all of the processes in the self-clearing system, you will have a good starting point for what you will experience from a remote session. 

What is done in each session is unique to the individual, although there are some “standard” things that are done in the initial session.  Most people feel the energetic changes settling in for about two weeks after the session and report a greater sense of freedom, clarity, self-empowerment, joy and much more.  People often report a feeling of “acceleration” on their spiritual path, and the messages given in the session report provide perspective on what needs to be addressed now and into the future.

Can I request work to be done on specific issues?
Yes, just let me know what you would like to address. 

Am I required to do the self-clearing system before a session?
The self-clearing system is very useful in helping one to *maintain* their inner balance throughout the challenges of daily life and spiritual evolution, and I request that all clients who want remote sessions do the whole Level 1 Self-Clearing System two times through for maximum results.

How many sessions should I have?
That is up to you, although I recommend most people start with two to four sessions and go from there.  Many clients book monthly sessions, and a few even book weekly sessions.  The extremely high level of energetic clearing that is done in one session, and the time it takes to integrate the changes make monthly sessions a good choice for those wanting ongoing work done after their first few sessions.

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