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Please be aware that although I do endeavor to read every email I receive, I cannot reply to them all due to a very busy workload. It can take up to a week for me to reply to emails, and if you do not receive a reply, please know that I did (eventually) read your message, but simply did not have enough time available to write you a thorough response.

ALSO: I am not able to take on any new clients at this time.

However, as an alternative to session work, I have created Self-Clearing System Level 2 and the Level 3 Seminars.

Level 2 is equavalent to one session, and Level 3 is equalavent to EIGHT sessions, for far less monetary investment than 8 one-on-one sessions would cost.

Many questions you might have are answered in these articles & podcasts, so please review these before sending questions:

Why I am No Longer a Lightworker (NLAL part 1)
Tell the "Lords" of Karma You Are Sovereign (NLAL part 2)
September 2014 Podcast
May 2015 Podcast



If you have gone through all of the above and you still have questions, you can use this form to send me an email.





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This website, Level 1 of the Self-Clearing System and other free audios are my gifts to you. If this site has increased your frequency and you wish to continue circulating abundance by giving back, I humbly accept with gratitude.



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