Level 3 Self-Clearing System

Eight completely unique two-hour* sessions of transformational healing

Level 3 is the most in-depth, powerful, intense and profound transformational healing process that I have produced to date. 

I tell you this not to brag, but to prepare you for the experience.  If you undertake this process and engage it fully, you will experience positive shifts in all of the major areas of your psyche...but transformational healing is not always easy.    

The first hour of each of the eight, two-hour classes is an information-filled lecture/overview, and the second hour presents a direct, powerful and highly-effective guided clearing process to apply what was covered in the first hour.

Each seminar builds upon the previous classes so that by the end of the 8th class, you will have deeply integrated these techniques into your being.

Due to the amount of information presented and the depth of the clearings, I encourage you to review each class a second time (or more) before moving on to the next one.

In order to facilitate that review process and to give enough integration time in between seminars, each class of Level 3 will be presented to you in a bi-weekly interval, which is the same pace that it was originally taught.

This means that every two weeks a new class will appear in your personal (lifetime-access) download area.  Of course, you can take the classes at a slower pace, and if you find yourself a bit overwhelmed by the clearing process, I do encourage you to go through them more slowly.

I also encourage you to persevere through all of the classes!  Please do not start the process, only to stop part of the way through.  If you feel you haven't processed the changes from the previous class, just take a week or so to integrate the changes you have made up to that point, and possibly review the clearing portion of any of the previous classes that you feel would help you move forward.

Written descriptions cannot convey what is covered in these classes, but the topics covered include:

• Connecting to Source Reality and the Living Organic Network

• Connecting to and Working Through Layers of Emotions

• Agreement Revocation

• Accessing the Subconscious and Working with the Inner Child & Emotional body

• Clearing Suppressive Ancestral Energies and Working with Your DNA

• Healing the Astral and Temporal bodies

• Expanding Creativity, Self-Expression & Abundance

• The Karma Scam, False Incarnations and Subconscious Shadows

Every one of the 8 classes in Level 3 are a wealth of empowerment and energetic clearing.  Combined together, they will allow you to reach tremendous levels of inner freedom. If you will invest two hours per week into these classes, along with some daily practice, you will see powerful results.

Each class has a video recording in .WMV format, as well as an audio recording in .MP3 so that you can listen to the audio for your review.  I do recommend watching the video for your first viewing, as there are some images that will be very important to your learning process, especially in the early classes.

For less than the price of 2 one-on-one sessions with me, you will receive 8 incredibly transformative classes that will help create lasting, positive change within you. (Also bear in mind that I cannot take on any new clients for session work at this time.)

This is not a special, limited-time offer, and the price isn't going up soon. Level 3 will wait patiently for when you are ready to engage it.  :-)

One time payment of $352 for all 8 seminars. ( Please review each class at least one time before moving on to the next one, and allow yourself sufficient integration time between classes.)

Much Love,
Cameron Day

* Class recording times vary from 1hr 45min to 2hr 15min, with most being 1hr 55min.

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