Morning, Noon & Night Self-Clearing Meditations

Quick meditations to help you clear your mind and get centered any time of day

In today's fast-paced world, it can be difficult to set aside an hour to meditate, or even 30 minutes.  You have to get to work or take care of a dozen different things every day, and that 30 minutes of "me time" just doesn't seem to fit into the schedule.

Sound familiar?  I totally understand.  That's why this "Morning, Noon & Night" Self-Clearing system was created. 

This package will help you to establish or regain your clarity, calm and centeredness any time of day. 

Each MP3 track is uniquely tailored to the time of day when you will use it, with powerful clearing processes, affirmations and intention setting tools that are unique on each track.

In just 13 minutes, you can start your day with an empowering, energy clearing meditation that helps you to:

  • Connect deeply and powerfully to your Higher Self, so that you start your day filled with the blissful light of your True, Infinite Self.
  • Address any issues you might have observed in your dreams, so that you can continue clearing and releasing unconsciously held, limiting beliefs.
  • Raise your frequency through powerful affirmations that will support your self-ascension process.
  • Set the intention for your state of mind throughout the rest of your day, so you can move through your world in a high frequency state.
  • This morning track is mixed with uplifting Classical music to welcome you back to the physical world in a beautiful way.

Any time during the day you can use the 14 minute afternoon track to:

  • Reconnect to your Higher Self, because keeping that wonderful connection "online" gets easier with practice.
  • Connect to the Galactic Core, so that you can boost your energy frequency even higher.
  • Refund and release all external energies from your mind, allowing you to regain your "center" and focus your mind without distractions.
  • Forgive any judgments that you may have had towards others during the day, so that you can you to move on past situations that had been draining your energy.
  • Renew and regenerate your energy levels so you can be energized, yet calm as you carry on with your day.
  • This afternoon track is mixed with a relaxing rainfall and ambient music background, to help you quickly get calm and centered.

When you're ready to sleep, the 16 minute Night track will help you to:

  • Release the energies around any difficult people or situations you encountered in the day, so that you can go to sleep with maximum calm and peace in your heart.
  • Release attachments to the illusions of the outer world, so that you can focus on your ascension work in your dream state unencumbered by the day's events.
  • Prepare yourself to enter the dream state, guided and protected by your higher self, so that your dreams will be highly informative and productive.
  • Set your intention to remember and record your dreams, which allows you to work on the issues that were shown to you in your dreams.  (It helps to know what you're working on, after all!)
  • Set your intention to become lucid in your dream state, because Lucid Dreaming is fun, enlightening and extremely beneficial for becoming a fully integrated Being.
  • Then you're off to sleep, where so much of the deep work of our Ascension Process takes place. 
  • This night track is mixed with relaxing Classical lullaby-type songs to gently soothe you to sleep.

My own "private" affirmations are now yours to use

All of the processes, affirmations and intentions that you will experience in this package are the same tools that I use on a daily basis to support my Ascension Process and remain calm in the face of challenges in my reality.

When you use these tracks it is like having a private, one-on-one energy clearing, at any time of day, in just 15 minutes. 

All three of these tracks have been produced to very high audio standards, with the background music and voice-over blending together seamlessly. I guarantee that you're going to love these clearing processes and gain tremendous benefit from them. 

Click the buy now button below to purchase the Morning, Noon & Night Self-Clearing System for just $34.00 via PayPal.  You don’t need a PayPal account, just a credit card. 

Once the payment has been processed, you will receive an email with login information and a link to a private download page where you can log in and download your MP3 package.

Note: If you are paying without a PayPal account, you will need to click the (somewhat small) button that reads "...You MUST click HERE to access..." on the final page of the payment process.

In Love & Service,
Cameron Day


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