Ego Minimizer
Self-Clearing System Level 1, Step 4

Getting out of your own way

Much has been written about the nature of the Ego and the detrimental effect that it has on our state of consciousness and the world around us.

When engaging this process, it is important that you do not begin to resent or hate the ego. This process is simply to help you understand and tame the ego so that it can serve you, instead of controlling you.

If you would like to hear this process instead of reading it, use the youtube player below. When listening to the audio, you should be in a safe, relaxed space where you can close your eyes and be undisturbed for 10 minutes.*

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Minimizing the ego's role is a vital part of the self-clearing process. The problems in our world stem from the Ego doing 95% of the day to day thinking in most people’s minds. This doesn’t mean the ego is bad, but simply that it has bitten off WAY more than it can chew, and the time has come to diminish our egos and return them to their proper place so that the deeper aspects of our minds can come forward.

The ego’s intended function is similar to an office assistant or a GPS / navigation unit found in newer cars. Imagine that one day the GPS in your car started talking to you and telling you nice things about yourself, then gradually it started talking to you all the time, reminding you of past events that cause you to have an emotional response, worrying about possible future events, reminding you to actively engage in “image management” so that other people will like and respect you, telling you to buy things you don’t need, talking in terms of lack, fear and restlessness. Then if all that talking gets to be too much, the GPS unit would just play you some music because it controls your stereo, too, and often plays songs that remind you of the past.

Most people would return that GPS as a defective unit!

We can’t return our ego, though, because it performs a necessary role while in a third dimensional body. It is intimately connected with the left-brain, rational side of our minds, and it helps us to navigate physical reality without bumping into things, reminds us of important upcoming events, helps us recall old memories, engages in conversations, is charming in social situations, etc, etc.

The metaphor of the ego as a GPS/office assistant can be helpful in our process of taming the ego so that it is doing 10% of the thinking in our minds as originally intended, instead of 95% of the thinking, which is most people’s ego dominated experience.

Enough analysis, which is really for the Ego’s sake, let’s get to the process!

First, engage the Cosmic Flush and Energy Refund processes. (If you haven’t practiced those techniques yet, please do so before continuing.)

Now simply stay focused on the present moment, allowing yourself to feel the Cosmic Flush energy flowing through you. It won’t take long for your ego to engage a thought process. It might bring up something from your past, a judgment of somebody, a worry about the future, or a way to "increase your esteem" in the eyes of others.

As soon as you realize the ego has taken over, say “Thank you ego for showing me this issue. Now please have a seat and be quiet.” Then return your awareness to the present moment and the energy of the Cosmic Flush.

A helpful visualization I use is minimizing the ego just like minimizing a program on a computer. When it minimizes, it goes down to the bottom left corner of my “mental screen” and I am left with a view of the energy of the Cosmic Flush moving through me.

That’s it! The process itself is incredibly simple, but it will take time before it is automatic for you to minimize your ego whenever it flares up, so continual awareness of your own thoughts is very important.

The ego constantly distracts from the present moment, so many people who have been using this ego minimizer technique report that over time they find their awareness in the present moment becoming their dominant state of mind, and that their ego is giving remarkably little input aside from its intended navigational functions. This is where we are at our most powerful and most loving.

But wait, there's more! :-)

Once you have some practice with the Cosmic Flush / Energy Refund / Ego Minimizer, you will be ready to start reclaiming your energy that has been bound up in egoic thoughtforms and unresolved emotions. Click here for the next article, Reclaiming Energy.

*(If you would like to download an mp3 version of this audio, right click this link and choose the "save" option in the menu.)

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