The Cosmic Flush
Self-Clearing System Level 1, Step 2

Experience infinite energy right now

The cosmic flush is a simple, yet powerful technique. It can be very beneficial to practice to the point where you can engage it at a moment’s notice, as it can be very calming when addressing any type of challenge, either internal or external.

If you would like to hear this process instead of reading it, click on the youtube player below. When listening to the audio, you should be in a safe, relaxed space where you can close your eyes and be undisturbed for 10 minutes.

Let's get started. Take a few deep breaths. Center your awareness in the NOW moment, letting go of thoughts of the past and worries about the future. As you breath deeply, look at the picture next to these words for a few moments.

Only this moment exists.

Next, tune into your God Mind / Higher Self / God Self or whatever you call the indwelling spark of the divine that is within you, and within all of life. HOW you tune into the divine aspect of yourself is up to you.

You can just say, "I ask for my God Self to come forward into my consciousness." You are simply invoking the divine aspect of yourself, which is always present within you. Breath deeply and allow yourself to feel the infinite Love that this aspect of your self embodies and breath deeply. Avoid the urge to analyze if you're "doing it right." There is no wrong here as long as you remain present and not distracted.

Now return your focus to the present moment and tune into the consciousness of this Milky Way galaxy. I call this consciousness “The Galaxy Being” but the label that is used is immaterial. (Galactic Being, Galactic Consciousness, Galactic Mind, etc are some of the names that people use.)

Simply focus on “The Galaxy Being” and its energy will enter your awareness. After a few breaths, tune into the Galactic Core, or the Galactic Sun. This is the focal point that our galaxy revolves around, and it is the source of transformative Love energy that is coming forth to be expressed on our planet at this time.

Now that you’re tuned in and breathing deeply, simply ask for the Cosmic Flush. This will start a cascade of energy flowing into your physical and energetic bodies, running through every meridian, chakra/seal, energy band, cranial energy channel, spinal and nervous system channels, etc. This is a very powerful energy, but your GodSelf will make sure you get just the right amount of energy for you at this time. You can use the image above as a visual aid of energy beaming through you from all directions.

Simply keep your awareness in the present moment and feel the energy flow through your entire being. Your ego will naturally want to analyze and record the events. When you become aware of your ego mind being active, simply thank it for its contribution and ask it to remain silent.

Remain in this space of connectedness to galactic energy and your own divine energy for as long as you like.

If you practice this often, tuning in to your God Self, Galaxy being and Galactic core, then requesting the Cosmic Flush can be done in just a few seconds, enabling you to engage it at any time, and for as long as you want. Be patient with yourself in the beginning though, as your Ego Mind will want to analyze, give commentary or distract you from this place of connectedness. We will focus more on the ego soon with a technique that puts it into proper perspective.

If you're feeling comfortable with the Cosmic Flush, let's move on to the next step, which is Energy Refund.

Notes: The “Cosmic Flush” is simply a label used to define an infinite energy that is beyond definition. However, the name "Cosmic Flush" serves as a focal point to access the hologram that many individuals utilizing the Flush technique have tuned into. In simple terms, there is a hologram of the Cosmic Flush’s function that has been refined and expanded over the years. You’re simply “ordering” it from the “menu of the cosmos” so to speak.

The images in the video on this page can be a useful visual aid for focusing on the cosmic flush. They are somewhat representative of the infinite energy coming into one’s being from all “directions” simultaneously during the Cosmic Flush, and while I like the images, I urge you to remember that a picture can only represent a momentary fraction of a dynamically moving field of energy. More important than the images on this website are the images and perceptions in your own consciousness as you engage the Cosmic Flush and interpret the energy in your own way.



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