Spiritual Counseling Sessions

For those who would like a somewhat more traditional type of counseling, I now offer Spiritual Counseling Sessions.  

This is being offered for those of you who are working to better understand your spiritual journey as it relates to your daily life.  I know that it is easy to feel very alone and misunderstood by those in your life who are choosing to remain in old paradigms of thought.  Sometimes you really need to talk to somebody who understands exactly what you’re going through as you raise your frequency in the midst of chaos.

Counseling sessions will allow you to “get it all off your chest” in a space of allowing and compassion.  I will work with you to put things into perspective so that your mind can get synched up with your heart more easily, helping you to gain a higher perspective on your spiritual evolution. 

Important: Due to exceedingly high demand, I cannot take on any new clients at this time. However, as an alternative to session work, I have created Self-Clearing System Level 2 and the Level 3 Seminars. Level 2 is equavalent to one session, and Level 3 is equalavent to EIGHT sessions, for far less monetary investment than 8 one-on-one sessions would cost.

Counseling sessions will go in whatever direction that you require, and I will be tuned into your higher self during the session.  I will also be holding an energetic frequency that will assist you in letting go of charged emotional polarities while we talk, which is something that I do naturally whenever I communicate one-on-one with a person. 

If you have questions about your spiritual journey, if you are looking for deeper understanding of the events in your life, if you would like personalized coaching on applying the Ascension Help Self-Clearing System, or you simply want counseling from someone who understands multi-dimensional psychology, reincarnation, etc. then Spiritual Counseling Sessions may be right for you.

Pricing for a Spiritual Counseling Session is $100.  Sessions will be approximately an hour, and I will call you at your preferred phone, then email you an MP3 recording of the session so you can listen again and “double up” on the benefit of each session.

Click here to purchase a spiritual counseling session.

In Love & Service,
Cameron Day


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