Gulf of Mexico Oil Volcano Higher Perspective

July 12, 2010
By Cameron Day

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This audio is from a recent session with a client who was very concerned about the “Oil Volcano” happening in the Gulf of Mexico.

The audio quality isn’t as high as what you may be used to on, because these sessions are recorded for clients at a lower bit rate to keep the file sizes small.  Nonetheless, I was strongly guided to release this audio for public consumption in order to help others embrace a higher perspective on these physical world events.

Here is a quick synopsis of what this recording will cover:

Planet earth will survive the oil volcano.

However, there will be much loss of life in the gulf area, humans included.

If you live near the gulf, it would be wise to remove yourself from harm’s way.

Once you are away from harm, practice high level forgiveness, which will be touched upon in this audio.

Compassion and forgiveness do NOT mean allowing yourself to be victimized.  A day of reckoning for the criminals in positions of power on this planet is long overdue.

Life in prison for these criminals is definitely justified on the level of form.

Once humanity can no longer be harmed by these criminal elements, we can (and should) forgive them by seeing them as aspects of ourselves that are playing the role of propagating separation consciousness.  We can (and should) forgive ourselves for being co-creators of this grand, cosmic illusion...warts and all.

Much Love,
Cameron Day



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